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Does anyone else have IBS as a result of having had an eating disorder? Particularly Anorexia Nervosa?

I have struggled with anorexia for several years. It has only been over the past 12 months that I became so unwell I was forced into treatment and re-fed. The re-feeding process caused severe constipation (which is usual in anorexia recovery) but despite now eating three meals a day with snacks and considering myself firmly on the recovery road, I have been diagnosed with IBS which does not seem to have subsided. I particularly struggle with bloating and abdominal pain after eating and trapped wind. Whilst I have no doubt my IBS is a result of my eating disorder, I wondered whether anyone else has had this experience?

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I don't have experience of anorexia, but it doesn't surprise me that eating habits have affected what your gut can or cannot digest. Have you tried the FODMAP diet? There's loads of info online. That or GAPS. I think you will notice an improvement in those symptoms. Just do the 'diet' for a few months and allow your gut to heal. Also look up bone broth for gut healing. You will then be able to reintroduce those eliminated foods in a few months.

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