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I hope im in the correct place for this but does anyone know of a card you buy similar to the ones you can get from Dietarycard but for IBS?

Im aware this site does have a card for toilets which is brilliant and I will order one but Is there a card available to buy for IBS to take abroad similar to the ones you can get from dietarycard.co.uk. I have had a look on there but its mainly for celiac or food allergy. We have just returned from greece but my husband who is the sufferer found it very embarrasing as he was not able to cope with the big meal sizes. It would be really good if there was one that explained the need for a smaller portions and to explain why meals may sometimes be left. We were not worried about paying full price for the meal, but it just became so stressful, because many restaurants were asking if the food was bad and sometimes, were quite offended. Its hard to explain in a restaurant full of people eating and to people with not brilliant english what the problem is? If anyone knows if there is a card available, please could you point me in the right direction. I would be so grateful, thank you.

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Hello, took a while but think i have found something for you.

Plastic Medical ID Cards

Make your allergy or condition known with a medical alert necklace or bracelet: take a look here. ... Medical ID Cards. Cards, Pens, Backs & Chains. Medical Necklaces.

theidbandco.com/Plastic-Med... - Cached

I know they are medical alert cards but i had a furtle around the site and if you select the first one, medical identity card, you can fill it out online what you want, pay for it and bobs your uncle, they will post it out.

Now, what i would suggest is on the card where i t says medical conditions. Line one says type your first medical condition. In there say "I have spastic colon" ( i think it sounds better than saying ibs)

On the line for second medical condition type, "i require small portions"

On the line for third medical type, "i may leave food uneaten"

Lower down You can then put his your name in, home phone number, hubbies d.o.b, nationality and nhs number.

Fill in any meds he takes or is prescribed and g.ps details. You dont need to add medical history details, leave it blank if you prefer.

It costs £11.90 including postage. Hope this helps, post back if not.


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