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Symptoms/side effects

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What symptoms/side effects are troubling you most and how do you manage them?

2 Replies
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Fatigue! Hi Jane, my successful craniotomy was nearly 4 years ago, but I find fatigue can still be an issue.

I manage it by keeping a record (since the op) of the activities I find particularly draining, and try to limit these as much as possible. Also understanding that my most enjoyable/busy days can often leave me fatigued, and planning a quiet day afterwards helps.

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Hi Jane, it’s difficult to say comes in waves. I had first surgery five years ago and then three years ago second. It’s the sheer exhaustion, headaches and brain fog that I’m struggling to live with. I had my check up mri earlier this month and last week I spoke with neurosurgeon for results. All same as and no change. I had thought that something would show up coz I been struggling. He told me that the brain has been damaged and that if it hasn’t healed by now it’s pretty much going to stay like this. Seems to be my normal now! Was hard to hear. I think I knew it before he said it. 😐

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