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Just looking for advice!!

Hi there, i am new to this forum but have used Healthunlocked forum to chat about underactive thyroid!

Now i have a new problem...here goes...

I am 28 years of age & have two children, for the past few years i have had frequently repeated smear tests, which always indicate abnormal cells & have twice led to coloscopy & have also had a biopsy taken, which also came back 'mild changes.' My last Coloscopy visit was a few weeks ago where i was advised another smear in 6 months, this time at the hospital not at the surgery. I do get some symptoms of cervical cancer, spotting, however my periods are rather regular, i have also had a massive clot recently which was a bit scary! I get lower back pain, which i am booked in with physio for, i also get random abdominal pains & it's quite tender to press my abdomen, also i sometimes get pain during intercourse.

I have found the past two years very stressful with the appointments & then the waiting for results etc, i absolutely detest coloscopy appointments & work myself right up! How invasive! & yes i understand it has to be done, but everytime my smear comes back abnormal?? I certainly hope i don't have to have yet another prodding in 6 months time!!

I guess i am just wanting some advice really, has anyone else been through a similar experience? I am considering private care at the moment as i feel not enough is being done if there is something wrong, i panick sometimes when i look at my two young children, if something was wrong & it was being overlooked? I just get that horrible feeling some days, & then otherdays i feel i am being paranoid & if there was something major they would know right?

Would appreciate immensly any comments anyone has to offer!

Thanks very much,


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Dear Underactive_Stevie,

I have no answers as to what might be going on though sounds like could be a number of things, and YES, you should continue pursuing. Maybe first go to your doc with all the questions you have posed here, in this on-line community. Ask if there are any other tests that he/she would recommend, and find out risks of each ... risks of doing nothing seem more concerning to me. I'd hope that your doc is knowledgable and nonbiased but to steer you in the right direction, you may need to get a second opinion and even ask around to find out who to get it from. Sorry I don't have more for you. I wish you well and hope someone gets to the root of the problem soon for you and those kids of yours.