Post prostate biopsy recovery

Hi guys,

Well had my prostrate and bladder biopsy weds of last week, so three days into recovery. testicles nice and swollen and black and blue all over I guess to be expected, passing blood when going to the toilet again told that would happen.

But not am really starting to feel crap, have got this constant feeling of like when you've been kicked in the nuts in my stomach area, also started to have painful right knee just to the right and below the joint, feels like I have given it a real knock.

In general not feeling to good at the moment, have started to take some paracetamol to help with the pain, although it's not doing a great job of that at the minute. If the knee pain don't improve during the day I might call the hospital where I had biopsy done for some advice.



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  • I would call, too. There must be a number to call on the follow-up form they gave you......I don't remember feeling that rotten after any of my biopsies

  • and good luck!

  • Hi Jimreilly,

    Thanks for the advice I'll call hospital asap and also let you know how it goes, thanks for the support and well wishes. A great site full of some really nice people. Glad I found it.


  • Hi like you I had the same black and blue and passing blood and as you say I was told to expect it, as for the knee pain I didn't have that but I did have a very painful hip, I think it's the position they put you in while under sudation it took a while but all ok now. Good luck with the results

  • Hi Rob23,

    Thanks for the support and yes I never thought of that, I guess once you're under, you are just a lump of meat on the slab as it were and so they just twist and turn you to make it easier for them :-). Only a week to go for the results, go back to consultant 24th Jan, keeping fingers crossed for a bit of good news.

    Cheers and best regards,


  • Morning Andy fingers crossed for the 24th

  • Hi Rob23,

    Thanks for the support, I have met so many guys on here who have been there and back it gives me a great feeling to see so many who have beaten this cancer.

    I'll let you know how it goes after the visit next week.



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