My husband had his prostate removed may 2015 , he then had 20 sessions of radiotherapy which went fine the only thing is he can't shake feeling tired all the time he never used to be like this he's also started suffering with a painful left hip don't know if this is anything to do with the condition

He's 61 and always been really fit has anyone else suffered the same sort of problems xx.

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  • I had my prostate removed on 24 Nov 2015. By DaVinci robot controlled keyhole surgery. Came out fine with no spread so no radiation etc. Next check is 12th April. I will be 75 next week, so somewhat older than your hubbie BUT I do feel tired a lot. I think that is fairly common. No aches or pains that I would attribute to the surgery.

  • It takes a lot of time to recover. Tell him to speak to his urologist about a timeline for a return to normalcy. Good luck.

  • Thanks he goes back in may for his psa test so he can ask then he's not on any hormone tablets or anything so we were just wondering if it was the radiotherapy .

  • Thanks, Pat. Keep us posted.

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