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Help needed, my friends in trouble


I'm new to this, i just found out an hour ago that my fears that one of my closest friends is bulmeic is true :-(

She is 19 and tonight whilst drunk has confest to me that last night her parents caught her making herself sick, uncontrolably to the point of which they rung an ambulance. She refused the ambulance and her parents went to bed.

She told me she has been doing it since she was 13yrs old. A few weeks ago she told me she was having stomach cramps painful enough to wake her up in the middle of the night but she tried to tell me that it was down to her new love of coffee. I spoke to her tonight and told her her body was already becoming damaged as she has cramps and she went on to say the cramps were probably caused by the laxatives (spell?) she is taking.

For tonight i have just tried to act like its no big deal and i'm not going to make a fuss. I asked her if she thought what she was doing is wrong and she said no not at all. From what i can tell so far she has no intention of stopping as she sees no problem. I am now at a loss of what to do and how to handle this. She needs help but is not ready to admit that. What can i do...??????

I'm now sat here worried sick for my friends life and unfortunately i have to respect her wishes and not tell anyone else about this as she has confided in me for a reason so i'm guessing at the minute i'm the best chance she has and if i tell anyone else she just will not trust me. Please can someone point me in the right direction as i am completely out of my depth here and have no idea what to do next.

thanks for reading.

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Sorry to hear this news. I know how hard it is - I had a very close friend who was bulimic too.

You need to find a balance of being supportive for your friend, but also not letting yourself get sucked into the turmoil that an eating disorder can cause. Let her know you are there for her when she needs to talk.

My friend spent most of her time in denial but broke down every few months and told me how awful she really felt about it. Eventually she ended up in rehab which was good.

Stay strong. You must be a good friend if she confided in you!


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