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Do I need to be officially diagnosed as an emotional/ compulsive over eater? if so, who by? My GP knows my issues

Hi! I've just found this site, what a relief. I was referred (2009) by my mental health support worker for CBT, it was obvious I have a bad relationship with food and am an emotional eater, there are many reasons for this. However, I didn't get CBT as my son passed away so the counselling dealt with that, and my broken marriage etc.. I haven't been back to my GP about it though she did offer to refer me to a therapist for CBT. I have lost my confidence in going for this. Do we have to be officially given a diagnosis of eating disorder? Or is it OK to say to health professionals 'I have an eating Disorder' just because it is obvious? I am a compulsive over eater and an emotional eater. I definitely need help before it's too late, but have other issues including severe depression. I don't have any motivation yet I am dying inside...

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Hi Dove. Welcome to the site. I can only speak of my referral which went to mental health team first, (gp referral) then ed team referral. Your gp would be the first contact for any specialist referral unless you pay private for therapy. It may be that your eating issues are a reaction to what else is going on in your life. I do feel for you. The emotions that go alongside ed are so painful, but it can get better.i hope you get on ok with your gp. You have made a great step forward already. Good luck.xx


Dear Cupcakequeen,

Thank you so much for your response. It's so good to know people care, well 1 person at least! Thanks for your good wishes. I have now written to my GP and asked her to refer me for help and have contacted SWEDA. Two major steps that I didn't think I had the confidence to take, but, I'm sinking fast and HAD to do something.

Thanks for caring. Much love xxx


Hi again. It makes me so sad that only one person has replied in almost 4 months! What is the point in these forums if nobody bothers to help anyone?

I won't be posting anything else as if those in the same boat don't care then no-one else is going to either.

Good luck everyone. x


It is not that no one cares. There are not many people on this forum but I hope with time and as more people join then things will become more active.

I have to admit that I do not come here every often but when I do I find it difficult to write because I am in a particularly bad place at the moment. I do care but finding it difficult to find the words that could help.

Best wishes x


Hi, don't know if anyone will see this, after seeing the previous comments.

I have struggled almost all of my life with food issues, usually over eating and have always been overweight, can't seem to get it right. No one takes it seriously. If i threw up they may worry but I have a phobia about sick so couldn't do that.Nowadays I don't eat meals and stuff chocolates all evening. Today I ate a cake out of the bin, disgusting. My gp just tells me to eat properly. How can you make them see?

I've been through years of comfort eating so I hope that you are now getting the help you so badly want Dove. It's. Long time since you posted, don't give up x


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