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Working with lupus


I am currently temping (job wise) at the moment whilst trying to manage my lupus and attend hospital appointments which seem to be weekly due to being on medication, aza, hydr, and predi. I am searching for full time work but wonder if this will become a problem, as if I do find something I will have to continuously go off for appointments. Or is it better to tell them straight up? Is anyone going through this at the moment?


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Hi there, I too had just the same dilemma when I became ill whilst working full time - my employers constantly have to give me time off work for my hospital appointments, which was not ideal.

Separately, I eventually had to quit my job anyway as I just did not have the stamina due to the fatigue and feeling so unwell, but I've recently started part time work again and in comparison it fits my lifestyle so much better now; I can schedule my medical appointments for my days off and get much more rest in between working days, so I actually have the energy to do my job.

For me personally, working part time has taken a lot of stress out of managing my illness. I guess it depends on whether you and/or your employers are okay with having to take frequent time out for medical appointments. You may have an employer who is very supportive which is great - or, if you find your employer is not so supportive and you were struggling to cope with full time work due to health issues like I was, then part time may be a better option. It's very much a personal decision which you need to weigh up in relation to these various factors.

It's not always easy at first learning to adjust to the frequent medical appointments, but do make them a priority as health really is the most important thing :) hope that helps and good luck!

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Hi aps_girl,

Thanks for replying. I do have to put my health first. It's so hard feeling like this when I am so used to being able to just get up and go without even thinking about it, where as now it is a struggle which I'm sure you can identify with. I just have to see what works really.

Part-time sounds like a good idea- again will have to look at my options.

Glad to hear that things have worked out in the end for you. :)



I really can relate - like you, my illness totally flipped my life upside down. Staying positive and learning to adjust to such a big lifestyle change & new limitations is challenging at the best of times, never mind when I'm not feeling great.

It's a constant journey learning to manage my illness - but it's comforting to know I'm not the only one.

Health does come first plus a good support network of your loved ones around you always helps. Happy Christmas :)


Exactly! I was diagnosed this summer but its taken 3 years. So long! I will try and keep positive and try not to beat myself up when I can't do things.

I'm so glad for this site.

Have a great Christmas! Take care! :)


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