Does anyone find Yoga helps your Lupus ?

I've been going through a nasty flare for the last 8 weeks but am now slowly starting to feel a bit better. I like exercise to help my lupus when it's not too bad and find it a good source of stress/anger release, and I've been looking at Yoga and its benefits. I've never done it before .. Does anyone else do it and find it helpful ?

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  • I'll be interested in the answer to this - I have been told before that yoga, swimming, tai chi and other gentle exercise are great for lupus, so it would be nice to hear from people that have tried these exercises as to whether they help or not.

  • I found yoga a little 'strong' for me. It's difficult to articulate but you go through certain moves, and I found it a little too much at times. However there are so many different types of yoga, I'm sure there must be some that would suit.

    On the other hand I find Pilates excellent. I have a teacher who is very precise, spends a lot of time with beginners ensuring we get our breathing and core muscles correct, and these days I'd say I'm much stronger. My muscles work better, and I use Pilates breathing for pain control. It also helps me to sleep!

    I also swim and mountain bike, when I'm well enough. I no longer run as I found that my muscles and tendons complained when I did!

  • Yoga can help, but it is important the teacher is fully conversant with your condition. Every position can be modified to such an extent that you will be able to work safely, chairs should be provided, foam blocks should not be used to rest your head on, soft cushions or folded blankets are safer and more comfortable. Avoid all inverts, Salutes to the sun. The teacher must know about the medication and the side effects.

    Many people have been misled as to Ashtanga Yoga, they believe it is too strong, dynamic, powerful. Ashtanga Yoga is also known as Raja Yoga. The first two limbs are the Yamas and Nyamas, think ab out the Ten Commandments, that is the first two limbs. of Ashtanga Yoga Hatha Yoga starts at Asana, (posture).

    If your are able to lie down, ensure your body is in alignment, either legs straight, feet slightly apart, or you may feel more comfortable resting with the knees bent. Ensure your head is resting comfortably but do have blanket or cushion placed in such a way as to support the neck. That is important, ensure your neck is supported. Pranayama practice,I would recommend alternate nostril breathing without retention, follow your own breathing rythym.

    Keep well

  • Good point, some yoga's are worse than running marathons. People think 'ah yoga that'd be easy' but it's not always!

  • I found Pilates was great & manageable whereas yoga did wear me out. When I take on a new class though, I find it takes a few visits to recover properly but once I get settled exercising at a certain level, I can maintain that level (miss a few classes and I'm back to square one though!)

  • Thank you everyone, Ive been doing a little research in to all the local ones near to me. I think im going to watch a session first and then make a decision. Im only just coming out of a 9 week flare so i definitely don't want it triggering anything back off lol x

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