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Young people and Lupus research

Hi, my name is Claire, I have been diagnosed with Lupus for 11 years, I am currently a Masters student at the University of Northampton and am carrying out a research project focussing on the psychological and social impact that lupus can have on young people .

I am looking for participants aged between 18 and 25, who have been diagnosed with lupus for at least two years and are happy to take part in a face-to-face interview lasting approximately one hour. If anyone would like to take part please email me for more information

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Hello Indieclairey. I have had Lupus for 20+ years now, but I'm nearing 67 and don't fit into your catagory of research. I am rather surprised you haven't had any other responses from our younger Lupies, unless of course they've contacted you privately through your email. If you decide to shift your research to encompass the over 50's, I'll volunteer. Good luck with your project.

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Hi Claire

I'll post your request on our facebook page as there's more people there and you're likely to find the younger ones there too :)


Thank you. That would be brilliant. I just need a couple more participants


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