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Healthy quest starts today

Hello, I'm a 65 year old with a few health concerns and 2 stone overweight so just start to watch my calories and trying to increase my exercise, having arthritis, polystic kidneys, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, I keep the exercise to indoor rowing machine, & exercise bike, and enjoy these when my arthritis is not to bad, so with the arthritis being quite active in my wrist, low back, and neck I am unable to use the rower just now, but the recumbent exercise bike is okay, so my goal to 11.5 stone starts.

To help me I just purchased the SITU scales, although the SITU scales are expensive they do a lot to help you sends the weight of your food to the app which tells you the calorie and nutritional content of that handful of snacks, how much salt is in that exact chunk of cheese, or the amount of sugar in that piece of bread. It does this for your complete meals cooked at home, and even those bought in. SITU helps you learn, which allows you to act on the information it reveals.

Thank you for reading my post buku ;-))

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Good luck! I'm in my 50s and noticing that I'm losing strength and getting stiffer, so I'm going to start exercising. You sound more determined and organised than me though!


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