Find public outdoor stairways

I am looking for people to help me find public outdoor stairways anywhere in the world. They must have at least 100 stairs or steps to be included on my stair maps. For more information please go to my web site Now go find some stairs!

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  • The Stairs Palos Hills IL

  • Any details as to location, number of stairs, etc.?

  • I think you've seen this already but it might inspire others here to find more stairs.

  • Have you seen this? Might be good to connect with them.

  • Ha! Just saw that you helped develop the Seattle map. This is a great blog post about stairs.

  • Thanks for the info about the stairs in St Paul, Minnesota. I was there last summer for a conference and discovered some for myself.

  • these are approx an hours drive from the CBD of Melbourne Australia.

  • Thanks for the info on the 1000 Steps. I will add the info and location to my web site. This is the first major stairway found in Australia!

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