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Best Tube/Train station for stair climbing in London?

Hey! My local station is Holland Park which has 96 steps, this is great news because they still have lifts rather than escalators and during rush hour you often have to queue for lift access. The wait os often five to ten minutes so the challenge is to climb 93 steps in under five minutes - or one step every three seconds!

Do you climb the stairs at your local tube/train station? If so share which station, how many steps and the benefits it brings you!

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Definitely Hampstead station! 320 steps!


That's a serious climb! Jealous.


I think that's the record/deepest in London


I always climb the stairs now. I want to tell everyone waiting for the lift to take the stairs as well.

We rated the most popular London tube stations for calorie burn so everyone can see the calorie burn for their commute.


Borough tube is great. I think it's about 85 steps and you always beat the escalator so you feel quite smug on the platform as they all trudge out...


I think Elephant and Castle is great so that you can beat the (always crowded) lifts


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