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Toddler with RAS

My daughter was two and a half years old when she had her first seizure. We took her straight to A & E where they diagnosed Reflex Anoxic Seizures. She has since had another one. On both occasions she had seen blood either on herself and someone else. They are very scary to witness as she turns an awful colour, eyes rolling and open. And when she comes to she is very frightened. Am scared to leave her alone or with other people. If anyone has any advice on how to prevent them or when will she grow out if them?

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Hi Annkell,

The most important thing to remember is that although RAS is very frightening to witness, it is not life threatening. I am sure that she is very frightened when she wakes from an episode, it is important to remain calm and keep talking to her. You can also put her in the recovery position until she wakes up. You can read more information about RAS in our booklet

Has your daughter started nursery school yet? We have created a care plan which you can give to the nursery teachers to give advice on what to do if she has an episode while there.

Please remember that we are here if you need us. You can contact us by email for further information and support on or 01789 867503


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