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Fainting? Help

My daughter is 15 and started fainting last yr ..did it every day 1 week then weekly then it stopped for about 8months now they have started again. They usually only last seconds but always sick before and her legs go dead and heavy..

Sometimes she just wants to sleep afterwards is totally drained!

Last 1 was in hozzy she was disorientated for 2hrs...really bad 1.

She has headaches too. 

She woke in the night was sick then fainted at bottom of stairs 

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If it happens regularly your doctor should refer her for investigations, a tilt table test will show if it's from drop in blood pressure for example. I'm always totally shattered after a blackout and just want to sleep and it can take a day or two to feel "normal" again. Do have a look at the Stars website there's so much info there. Good luck

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Have been for mri on brain today see if that shows anything🙁


Good to hear they're looking into things. Quite often bloods, ecg and tilt table are the starting point then a 7 day tracker and if that doesn't "catch" a blackout, and they're still unsure then a "loop" can be fitted (a long term heart monitor). Hope you get some answers soon, can be a scary and frustrating time but sounds like things are underway and I hope you get dome answers soon.

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MRI normal...

Waiting for a tilt table test👍


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