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Near Fainting For Past 12 Years

Hi there my first experience with near Fainting was 12 years ago in grade 7. I remember something, I think a bit before this , feeling uncomfortable standing like I had to sit, but that was just it, nothing happened. I ate well, had lots to drink, and was in reasonable shape. I didn't, and still show no signs of low blood pressure, or diabetes. What happened was that standing in class I started to see stars, feel weak, sick , and I turned white too the blood leaving my skin. I don't remember if I felt like fainting, but I'm sure that I did. I thought I was sick, so I went to the bathroom. It went away though. The next episode happened a few years later, and I was standing when I suddenly felt the blood drain from me, then I started seeing stars, got dizzy, had a ringing in my ears so that my hearing was like someone turned the volume down on it, and my legs felt really weak like jelly, feeling like I was going to faint and had to sit down. My breating seemed to be abnormal but I dont remember that happening again. This then has happened a couple times in a year almost every year since then. When this happens, I sit down and I feel a little bit better. I don't remember these symptoms starting to happen when sitting down though. I also have experienced seeing stars when getting up from either sitting, or laying down. It doesn't matter if I get up quickly, or slowly. I start to see stars, and possibly ringing of my ears. I've tried explaing all of this to my doctor, and they said not to worry about any of it. I've actually fainted twice in all these years but these are more recent. This was 2014. I was awake, and was getting up from my bed, and then I was going into the bathroom to use it, didn't feel sick, just had to pee xD. I fell onto the bathroom floor. I think I had all of the seeing stars and dizziness and feeling weak, but I think it happened quickly. I fainted, and then I don't remember what happened I might've hit my head. The other time I was standing using the remote on the tv, when I suddenly just blacked out..and then I found myself on the carpet. This was I think 2010. This seems unrelated, but my friend once hit me in the head with a soccer ball. I think that was 2013. I don't think it could've been that hard, but I blacked out at least he says I did. I don't remember blacking out, or even getting hit though. I remember everything seeming like nothing had happened like that.

Today I was in the shower , I turned on the showers water and I slipped and fell onto my butt. Lol. I stayed there for a little bit because I hurt, but I think a little bit after I got up I started seeing stars , had a ringing in my ears so I couldn't hear that well, I don't think that I felt weak, or white, so I just rode it out standing because I didn't feel like sitting I guess. I had just started getting the soap lathered into my hair when it happened. So I guess I'm writing this today to you guys, because I'm just wondering what this is. ^^;;

Thanks for your time! I hope that you may help me. Any questions, just ask . =)

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