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"Odd" symptoms, connection or coincidence?

I've had about 20-25 blackouts in past 8 months, diagnosed with postural hypotension and reflex syncope and currently awaiting a 7 day heart monitor as possible other causes mentioned like POTs, autonomic dysfunction, flutter etc. For a good few months I've been getting pain in my left side, on and off, at its worse it's just like a stitch, I have had a few urine infections, GP thought it could be kidney infection and I've been on antibiotics but it still come and goes. For the past month my left eye has been excessively watering, a real irritation and the skin round my eye gets rather sore and inflamed. Both problems are quite minor really but on top of everything else a real nuisance. My GP has given me antibiotics for the eye too but it doesn't seem like an infection. Is there anyway these two problems could be linked with everything else that's going on (the blood pressure and pounding heart). I've had more issues in the past 8 months that my previous 45 years combined.

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Did you have a tilt table test? If so describe your experience. I have very similar issues with the watery, dry itchy eyes. I also get patchy dry skin around the eyes. With the occasional inflammation on the eye lids. I was diagnosed with an autonomic neuropathy 4 years ago and I'very attributed the whole lot to that. I'm awaiting my results of the tilt table test to see why I've been near fainting, sudden drop in Bp. Let me know, I'm curious.



Hi, yes I have, it showed a drop in BP on standing then steadying, (hence diagnosis of Postural hypotension), only a slight rise in HR but after GTN spray whilst BP remained the same my HR increased to 150. I could feel my heart pounding and got all hot and sweaty but didn't black out. (I don't know if that's everyone's reaction to the GTN spray and so is "normal").  I then had a 7 day tracker and that showed my HR at 130 a lot, going to 160 and lowest at 67, now having a loop fitted and being referred to autonomic unit in case it's not heart related. The pain in my side still comes and goes as does the watery eye, both weirdly only left side, I feel tired a lot but I guess that's from when my heart races.  Were you given any medication or strategies to handle things? 


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