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Hello! I was curious as to how serious fainting can be. Up until a few weeks ago, I would faint 2-3 times a day. Now the fainting has come back and I have fainted twice in the last hour, once in the living room and the other when I was entering the kitchen. I see dark spots and my body goes limp as I fall forward and I wake up confused, tingly, and weak. It takes a few minutes before I can actually get up because my body is too weak to move on its own. Is this more serious than I think? Or am I just over thinking it.

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I just want to to know, this must suck ando I'm sorry for you. Fainting itself may seem not serious but it is. Your brain isn't getting the blood flow it needs. You should go see a Dr. As you may have heart complications.


Sounds like either low blood sugar,low blood pressure, interactive thyroid or I would put my money on'm pots syndrome. Look it up on here. I've had it for 47yrs and its taken 30+yrs to get diagnosed. Drs are getting more aware of it now though. Ask your g.p about you injure yourself badly because I do.Its also much worse if I am stressed or getting up or down quickly. For.example I could never go on a roundabout or in the back of a car.andiandjohn


The person above is right too because you could have blood flow restricted or cut off from your brain just for a second or too. Its a neuro endocrine problem. In me it.was hard to diagnose pots syndrome because I have low blood pressure 5x Heart conditions interactive thyroid and neuro endocrine hypertension. But seek medical help they specialise in autonomic issues now.


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