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My blackout caused a traffic accident

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the forum. On Monday I was driving to work on the M25 and had a blackout. I crossed two lanes of traffic before colliding with a lorry. I'm being referred to a neurologist but have to wait for an appointment. I've been having a look online about blackouts and eventually found the STARS page which has been a great help.


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It's a small world, my Mum is friends with yours (I'm assuming your Janet's daughter?). I'm a member of Stars due to having the condition POTS but I also had a couple of seizures which my Mum was talking to yours about. If you want to chat to someone my email is

I can't imagine how scary this must of been (and continues to be) for you all,




Oh wow! It is a small world - I am Janet's daughter :) Thanks for you email. It was very scary indeed and just feel in limbo really until I get to see someone. Xxx


That happened to me on the M25 a couple of years ago. I was luckily on the inside lane pulling off onto J11and had just enough warning to pull into the hard shoulder. I was ambulanced into hospital, but as usual no sign of problems. On average I tend to blackout once every 8 months and have had them since my early 20s - and usually when I'm under stress. Scary stuff, I sympathise.


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