Have a son whos developed Psychogenic blackouts as a result of bullying at school. Id welcome a share of information

Our son was bullied at school and as a result developed this. 2 months of hard work with us and CAHMS helped but on the relapse we've been left to fend for ourselves for 8 weeks plus and all the time pressured by a school. Support seems fragmented and the GP is pretty powerless..

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  • I can totally understand your concern and you must insist on a re-referral to CAHMS as your son appears to need further support. Regarding the bullying, this is something that school must address and your GP could also be involved. If you would like a copy of our psychogenic blackout booklet or further guidance please email info@stars.org.uk


  • Hi Jenni...I have one of these and have sought a re-referral.. just so slow to get to see people.. but thankyou

  • I know how you feel about things moving slowly , I have urgent referrals in to hospital for my daughter but consultants don't seem to think it is urgent, we are lucky that her school are brilliant ( still don't know what causes her blackouts ) even though she can have several a day. School really need to take action in dealing with your sons situation, as this would go a long way to helping, hope things get sorted quickly x

  • My daughter has POTS, Neurally mediated syncopr and also has sleep attacks that are currently being labelled non epileptic seizures. I would welcome chatting about these xx

  • Hi- my first thought is- has the school helped with the original problem- the bullying? Does your son now feel safe going to school? Can you and your son think about what might have triggered the relaps? I know access to services can be difficults- can he access CAMHs again? Can he use skills he learned with them?

    will check in with you again -

  • How is your son now? Have things improved?