Vasovagal Syncope headaches 😕

Vasovagal Syncope headaches 😕

My son Benji has been diagnosed with Vasovagal syncope for a year now. He manages his condition well and is on Fludrocortisone. He suffers terribly with light and noise sensetivity also. Lately (for the last 6 months) he has been suffering with terrible headaches literally to the point where his vision is affected and it's too painful to even walk. He has been admitted to hospital over them also.

Has anyone else with this condition experienced anything similar??



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In young children paediatricians will sometimes refer to the syncope symptoms your son is experiencing as RAS (reflex anoxic seizures). Some children with RAS have very sensitive hearing and will complain the music is too loud, and ask why everyone is shouting! Some children will also struggle with migraine type headaches. If you would like an RAS booklet which is written with children in mind, then please email There is also a helpline.


That's really interesting thank you


Hi Gem and Benji

Im sorry to hear that Benji suffers from headaches.

I have vasovagal syncope and recently have had really bad headaches which are light sensitive .

When I have a syncope attack my vision is effected and my eyes do tend to flicker,I find that keeping my eyes shut is the best action until the dizziness has gone.

After an attack it just knocks me for six and I have what I tend to call brain fog, where your head just feels really heavy.

Has Benji had a twenty four hour urine test to check his sodium levels?

I was found to be deficient in sodium and I am now on slow release sodium capsules and add salt to my food.



Hiya, thanks for replying.. He is on fludrocortisone for his potassium levels and we do have to add salt to all his food too..

Hope your feeling good at the moment



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