Hi- I developed vasovagal disorder about 7 months after an appendectomy. I understand that surgery can contribute to developing this. I now may need surgery again. Does anyone have any experience of or knowledge of the possible effects of this? I fear surgery might worsen my condition now or make the prognosis worse. Any thoughts on this would be very greatly appreciated.

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I too developed Vasovagal syncope after surgery on my stomach in 1997. I am to understand that it has to do with the disruption of the autonomic system. Since your autonomic system has already been compromised, I would guess it does not matter now. My symptoms have gradually progressed over the years with two major surgeries and no significant change. So my answer would have to be no, it wouldn't have an effect on the symptoms you already have.


Hi tookrazzy- thank you for your reply it's reassuring. As we seem to have developed this condition in a similar way your response made me wonder about the progression of your condition. Have you 'out grown' this as I am told I probably will (hopefully!)? I fear that i may be entering the -gets worse before it gets better- phase. How has it gone for you? thanks again


I'm not sure that I will ever outgrow this as I've had syncope since 1997. I am on a combination of Tenormin (beta blocker), Midodrine, and a pacemaker. I still have syncopal episodes, just fewer.


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