Are there any specific tests that prove RAS?

My 5 year old was diagnosed with RAS she has been having blackouts since a baby if she bumped her head. i was told it was nothing and she would grow out of it. then last summer whilst playing in the playground at nursery she had a seizure lasting a minute, then again a few weeks ago. she had an eeg which came back within range and i was told by a pead that it is RAS. she told me to look at your website and come back in 8 months. i then spoke to my gp and he didnt really know anything either. she has small black outs regulary but has only had 2 full seuzures.

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I hope the paediatrician who diagnosed RAS told you that although RAS is frightening to witness, it is not life threatening. Some doctors will rely on a good description of the episodes and establishing what the trigger was. They will ask for a full family medical history as there are often clues in this. An ECG will be given to rule out any underlying heart condition and, if thought necessary, an EEG will be requested to help rule out epilepsy. As RAS occurs mainly in young children, medical professionals endeavour to keep tests to a minimum.

RAS is often misdiagnosed as breath holding or, more seriously, as epilepsy. Therefore, if there is any doubt about a diagnosis of RAS, then the doctors may ask for a heart rhythm monitor to be fitted to record heart rhythms during an episode.

Please email if you need further information.

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My story sounds just like yours. My daughter is 4, has had blackouts since 9 months if she's hurt or shocked. Most recently they have turned into seizures (twice now). She had an EEG which ruled out epilepsy and an ECG to rule out a sometimes associated heart condition.

The paediatric neurologist diagnosed her as RAS and we are hoping she grows out of them.


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