EP study and ablation

I have POTS, VVS, orthostatic hypotension, atrial tachycardia and afib. Yesterday I had an EP study, the first thing the cardio said was there was a problem with my artery.... He showed me on a recording after.... Instead of going straight up it only had a little stump where it branched off at the bottom, went to the right, up and back over to the left... I heard him also say that my heart was elongated .... He induced atrial tachycardia but didn't ablate.... He then looked at the entry point in my left groin but didn't go any further.... He said he would see me back in clinic as I was still sedated and he needed to come up with a new plan.... Any ideas or similar problems?

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I do not think anyone can guess what his plan may be! I hope he does not keep you waiting too long and please let us know what he decides.


Thank you for your reply... I see him back in clinic in 6 weeks.... I hope it is better news for me


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