Another POTS patient,myself & an adult who suffers from RAS experience teeth chatter before they go into a convulsive seizure.Heard of this?

My teeth chatter, I feel my heart plummet and I go into breathing convulsions staying stiff and unable to move my arms and legs. After the episode I can hear and understand what is going on around me but can not communicate back. Everything becomes mentally simpler for me, I do not have complex thoughts. When I am able to open my eyes, I can barely look at faces for some reason. When people ask me questions I just look at them because I can't answer. I have also been poked with a needle in this state, amongst other forms and I couldn't move. I am wondering what this could be. My POTS has not gone away and it has been 6 years. My doctor said it should be gone by now. We have ordered a loop recorder to monitor my heart but I am waiting for health insurance. Also I had "febreal seizures" as a child which could have been RAS. I turned blue and the whole bit! Not sure if this helped but any insight would be great!

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I am a POTS patient and have suffered from strange uncontrollable teeth chattering episodes and paralysis attacks for some time. Thank you so much for posting as this has been a real eureka moment for me realising that they could be seizures! It makes so much sense. Having investigated it further, I could be having simple partial seizures. Would love to hear from anyone else experiencing the same. Good luck in getting to the bottom of this! PS- I have an implanted loop recorder


I do I have convulsive syncope but stay conscious and my teeth chatter really hard during episode! Also I'm completely aware of surroundings but can't respond at all once I'm coming out of it I put my thumb up to say I'm ok then slowly get my speech back


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