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My daughter has just starting passing out

My 22 year old healthy non smoker non drinker daughter has just started having these episodes that the doctor hasn't found out as to why they are happening.

She will be fine 1 minute and then pass out with her eyes rolling, her breathing is so fast and she finds it hard to catch her breath. Eventually when her breathing is under control she comes round she has the shakes but not like a fit but more like she's freezing and her back teeth are chattering and her whole body is shivering but she is not cold but clammy. She has never had this happen to her before and has now had 10 in 2 weeks. One of the days she had four in three hours and the a&e at our local hospital put it down to panic attacks even though he said she couldn't black out with a panic attack, so we are confused to what is happening to her. She has been signed off work and obviously can't drive her car.

If this sounds familiar please let me know as I'm desperately worried and have signed myself off work to be with her 24/7 as I can't leave her on her own. Thank you.

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I can understand how concerned you must feel witnessing your daughter experiencing these so called panic attacks. Some of her symptoms do point to panic attacks but there are some that obviously do not necessarily follow the pattern. Has your daughter experienced any recent trauma – death of a friend, breaking up with a boyfriend, trouble at work? STARS has a Psychogenic Blackout booklet that you may find interesting but again not all the symptoms fit this condition. If you would like this please email

Hopefully these attacks will have become less frequent but if there is no improvement then you must return to your GP with your daughter to ascertain what you should be doing to find a diagnosis.



I am a 23 year old with malignant syncope so I understand what she is going through. It can be a very scary time and often misdiagnosed many times until they find the correct diagnosis. You just have to keep her safe, make sure she is aware of dangers the condition can cause (falling into things). If it is syncope you can live with it you just have to make certain changes and adapt to the condition. I am happy to talk to you more if you need to and can supply a contact detail.



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