Is secondary raynauds always linked to an underlying condition?

I am 43 and am slowly developing Raynauds disease. My GP is completely disinterested, and wasn't even aware of a link between secondary raynauds and connective tissue disease. However, if you google Raynauds, you are left with the impression that secondary Raynauds is often a first symptom of an autoimmune disorder. So, I am just interested to get a feel for how many people have secondary Raynauds with no other problems.

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  • Take a loot at the Raynaud's Association website at - the difference between primary and secondary Raynaud's is explained on this page.

  • Raynaud symptoms are really, really common and most are primary. If you do not have another diagnosed autoimmune disorder/ connective tissue disease, you likely have primary Raynaud. That--in and of itself--is very common and much less worrisome than secondary. Check the link above and I hope all goes well! :)

  • I am assuming that you have had an ANA (antinuclear antibody) blood test. This test would be positive if you have secondary Raynaud's. The test also gives information on which (if any) of the connective tissue diseases may be present. However, there is a condition called autoimmune Raynaud's in which the patient has positive antinuclear antibodies but who after follow up does not develop definitive connective tissue disease. I hope this is helpful but if you want to discuss further call the helpline on 07530 810 964.


  • Hi - I have what are thought by my GP to be Raynaud's symptoms however I don't have a positive ANA. I do however have a diagnosis of RA and Hypothyroidism (both autoimmune) and am now being treated on Nifedipine for the Raynaud's type symptoms. My rheumatologist hasn't acknowledged my problems as secondary Raynaud's because of my borderline/ negative ANA but the treatment seems to be working well despite this and I have only had these Raynaud's symptoms having had RA and Hypothyroidism for a while. I'm not quite sure what your Raynaud's symptoms would be secondary to unless you have a pre-existing autoimmune condition that you haven't mentioned?

  • Hi Jo, I developed Raynauds aged 46 and it progressed quite aggressively 49 now and without meds nearly housebound if below 10 degrees C.    if you haven't had ANA (anti-nuclear antibodies) blood test then ask for one as late onset Ray's is nearly always secondary to an autoimmune process.

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