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Coding and Health Unlocked

Hi folks... this is going to be a bit a none Raynaud's blog this time around. I might have mentioned and some have found out I am a bit of a geek when it comes to computers but I thought that you guys might want to know what I've found out through some experimenting.


Little smiley faces, the way to brighten up any post...literally. Paint it with yellow! Also a good way to convey emotion, well more so than !, ?, !? and so on. Here's a list and a small description of each.

':)' = :) : A smiley face, easy to type, just a colon and an end parenthesis!

';)' = ;) : A wink!

':D' = :D : A really happy face!

':(' = :( : A sad face...

':'(' = :'( : Really sad, crying

':x' = :x : Angry...grr!

':|' = :| : Usually this emoticon is used to convey indifference, but on healthunlocked, whackiness!

':P' = :P : Tongue out!

':o' = :o : Otherwise known as OMG or amazement

'8-)' = 8-) : I'm so cool! Or something to that effect. I have no idea what the word cool means... oh and unicode should work too...edit: Unicode doesn't work :'(


Some of you might know what bbcode is and there is bbcode support, basically it's a way of styling the [b]Bold[/b], [u]Underlined[/u] and [i]Italic[/i]

Simples right? Just a heads up but the tech team are thinking about upgrading the website over the next couple of months. You didn't hear it from here though!

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You missed one :P - there are 10 smilies that work on HealthUnlocked, I blogged about them on another section at ages ago.

You can also do a winking smiley by using a semi colon and end parenthesis - ;) ';)'

You can also hover your mouse over a smiley to see what characters are used to make it 8-)


I did indeed miss the wink one :D Even though I've used it several times myself, added! :)

Ah so there 'are' other communities. Nice to know we're not all alone over here!

Also, you're right about the hover over, but I'm guessing that many people won't know about that!


Yep, I'm on this one as I have Reynauds, but I'm mainly on the British Lung Foundation area as I have COPD and Asthma too. I'm probably the techie geek over there as I've explored the BBCode stuff too, and have been in touch with the site team many times about forthcoming changes ;)

Blog topics and questions on the BLF pages scroll off the menu before the end of the day, it gets busy.


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