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Calcinosis afecting nerves in finger

I have had a calcinosis growing on the side of my nuckle for 5-6 years.

A previous calcinosis ended up bursting by itself and healing fine, but this one has just carried on growing. It recently started imparing nerve sensations in part of my finger tip. I am waiting for an operation to have it removed. They are warning that the sensation may not return.......

Has anyone else experienced this?

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No sorry, I have not experienced this.


I have had calcinosis on my thumb, forefinger and middle finger for the last ten years. These are extremely painful and, about, six years ago I had them operated on but unfortunately, it was not a success and they returned very quickly. My finger tips are always painful so I presume that I still have nerves in them. I am sorry if this is not very helpful but this was my experience. I hope your operation is a success and that the nerves are not impaired.


By the time you read this, you may have already had the operation. However, I would not advise you to have the op. I have had two ops in the past and they did nothing as the calcium comes back and sensation doesn't. I have found the best help is to swim in the sea as much as you can, if you can afford to get to the seaside. The first time I realised how helpful this was was during a two week holiday in Greece in the 90s and an elbow ulcer that had been around for years was almost completely healed by the time I came home. The effect of the sea expelled the calcium and the skin healed beautifully. Calcium has now returned but it's been a much slower process and I try my best not to lean on anything too hard. I need the sea again!


I also have calcinosis on my hands and fingers My Dr.would not operate slnce it will come back and healing could be poor.


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