i had my interview thursday and a good chat lot of help and advice . i must admit in oxford they are the only gov office with empathy as i have had to use them before , so when i see them again i can ask for a disability work adviser and to bring in a letter from my doctor on wots wot with wot and they will help work things out and retrain me if necessary.so rock on me. i'll keep an update to let you know how things go of what they say and do so if it helps that will cheer me up.

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  • Surely you could only work in a controlled environment, like at home? Is your Raynaulds only slight, cos with me even in a sitting position indoors makes my big toes go numb, a really horrible feeling.

    I have to keep my windows only a tiny open cos any draft and whack, frozen feet.

    I sometimes have to use a hairdryer to warm through to the bones.

  • thats what i'm having a chat about with jsa . listening others on here yes i am lucky , oct to march is my bad times but shopping, offices, and buses, drafts manly effect me in the summer and cold rain ,i nomaly have my feet coverd so its my hands and neck that gets the worst and when the neck gets its all over shivers like flu. but yes i do get things bad in winter. working at home i dont know what i am capable of doing to be honest.

  • Hello Glyn, I think you must insist that you can only work in a warm environment and that even a slight change in Temperature can bring on a Raynauds attack. If I get out of bed at night to go to the loo the slight change in temperature will bring on a Raynauds attack. I do not wish to be a Jobes comforter but you need to look ahead incase things get worse.

    I hope they can work sometning suitable out for you. Keep us informed.

    Best Wishes


  • what worry's me is getting it going to work as you know its all hit and miss one hiccup and i wont be starting work for a good 2 hours after getting there, i dont think a boss will be happy paying me for nought; but it whoud be fun just to see his/her face if i ask to be taken to the toilet lol.

  • I tried working last year only 2 days a week. I became so ill and took 5 days to recover to be able to work the 2 days. I tried it for 3 months through the summer months, my body went into shock so many times and I was totally exhausted. I can only wish you good luck, fingers crossed (if you can cross your fingers). Best wishes.

  • Last year I worked 40hrs + a week, then finally got diagnosed with Raynauds a year ago after suffering for nine years. Since then I volunteer twice a week and am sometimes unable to do that as it can wear me out for up to five days later as I suffer from constant fatigue and dizzy spells. I have been on JSA for 10 months, with not much help from the job centre with finding appropriate work and causing more stress to me. It is so difficult to find appropriate employment with this condition. I am having to resort now to see if I can claim ESA Allowance. Glyn It will be great to hear if you manage to crack the system and finding suitable employment.

  • Hi Daniella, I've been so ill through the condition. I'm now on ESA. Good luck.

  • Hi Cardiff Lady I am so sorry to hear that you are suffering, you never know what to expect from one day to the next. In a way I have been lucky enough to have the support and the know how from my Mother as she is really bad with Raynauds and other added conditions. So she understands how I feel when I have many bad days. I hope you have someone who you can rely on to help you with your bad times. Keep yourself warm and try to relax for the winter. Best wishes to you x

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