disability tribunal

well that was a total waste of time but i supose the fight will go on,

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  • Iam sorry but dont give up.

  • I missed the start of these comments. Tribuneral for Raynauds? I think it should be classed as a disibility, we should get DLA, cold weather payments and clothing allowances since we need multiple pairs of expensive ski gloves and sheepskin boots, foot and hand warmers etc. I wrote to Fiona Bruce MP recently. I haven't heard back from her yet. The law really needs changed. I feel that we should all be writing to Fiona lobbying this. We can lose our jobs etc over this disease and its about time were taken seriously

  • esa advised me to go for disability as it is a reconised disability they said but check the nhs and dwp websites its not cut and dryed as some disabilitys

  • I had my incapacity benefit taken away from me. I went to two tribunals but still no joy. I gave up in the end. They don't seem to realise that just because you can do something on one day doesn't mean you can do it on another

    day. Get fed up of arguing.

  • But that is exactly what they want us to do Rosemerry xx Its is terrible xx

  • Oh I know, Anteater, and it takes over your whole life. You think of nothing else and can't get on with your day to day living.

    I realise they want me to give up, but I am sick of fighting..

  • I agree with Rosemary's comments. I had to give up work early and claimed incapacity benefit, which was stopped. Then had to go for an assessment by a doctor, who in my opinion didn't have a clue about the complications of raynauds and scleroderma. I eventually appealed against his decision that said i was fit for work. In the end I gave up, it was all to stressful and making me feel worse.I am lucky enough to have my late husbands pension to live on, otherwise i don't know how i would live.

  • Hello, I truly understand xx Iwas retired on Ill Health Retirement in 2006 and am on IB and just been reassesed by ATOS for ESA - that was on 1st March but not heard anything yet - dont know whether that is a good or bad thing.. It really streesed me out and had a few attacks.... I dont know how they can say we are fit for work - let them try a day in our shoes and try and see how they get through it !!! I have Scleroderma/Raynauds and other autoimmune conditions that cause severe tiredness and fatique, muscular aches and pains etc etc xx

  • i am waiting to hear from the appeals board.the home assesment was a shambless and the gps report was not at all correct.scleroderma and raynauds cause so many other aliments its impossible for them to say we are fit to work. not looking for handouts or an easy ride just help and support so i can get on with some level of normailty. the physical side and the mental side of ill health are bad enough

  • Sorry to hear that you didn't have a good day with noth getting your Distability grant, but what was your reason's to get it. I have also been via those boards and they are hell. But if you are abled to work them your illness can't be that bad.

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