Painting & decorating?

This is a crackers off the wall question but here goes. Before starting cyclophosphamide, I decided to blitz through painting all of my doors and frames. I thought I would get it out of the way before my lungs deteriorated any more (I have lung fibrosis as a result of scleroderma). To my astonishment, my breathing got easier with gloss paint fumes. Has anyone else found this or have I succeeded in melting my lungs?

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  • Hi Kate

    I certainly hope not lol! I have not done any decorating for some time, good on you for being able to do all this with your scleroderma! So no idea if it helps or not, I know it isnt the best to breath it even with normal lungs, but I would imagine your breathing would be much worse if it was making the condition worse! Best of luck and hope the painting turns out nice!

  • Probably due to all the exercise you did when you were painting and decorating!! Exercise improves your life - do as much as you can (can I suggest you open the windows though next time! ;-) )

  • How are you coping with the medication? I think I could be prescribed something similar at my next appoinment at the Lung Clinic.

  • Hi. I've had three lots of cyclophosphamide treatments and it seems to have stabilised my lungs. You feel a bit quesy the following day but otherwise fine.

  • Hi Kate,

    I'm 21 and starting Cyclophosphamide on the 6th December, and haven't been told anything about it. What side effects have you experienced? Ashton x

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