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Does any body know if your aloud to drink lots of milk and yogurts with this. Dont want too much calcium if its going to cause problems.

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Not sure what you mean with regards calcium causing problems. In what aspect?

Calcium deposits causing lumps on joints. I have various calcium lumps which are painful. Thanks for responding

Good question! I was just diagnosed with scleroderma a little over 5 years ago. My recent bone density was good but my gum lines are now receding. No calcium deficiency and never diagnosed with gum disease until now. But, I wondered if calcium supplements would help or worsen. Another, for me, is the aging in my face. I have avoided all collagen face creams so as not to promote collagen. I don’t know about either but wonder the same as you

Hello Intimeslikethese, I too have been trying to find face cream without collagen as I thought it might be a no-no for us Scleroderma people. I have settled on CeraVe facial moisturising lotion and I'm happy with it. I did ask the rheumatology consultant about face moisturiser and do we need to avoid Collagen. The reply was "it doesn't work like that" but there was no explanation about how it did work. Anyway I stuck with my plan and I'm liking CeraVe. They do several creams but I use the Facial Moisturiser.

I have the same gums receding , and ageing, not sure if thats worrying what i am going to get next or my condition. When I saw the specialist she went on about so much it was hard to take everything in. Hope you get on ok.

Thank you for the response on your gums and aging. With everything that’s going on with my body, I find it complexing at times to keep up. My skin use to be effortlessly receiving compliments. Now, I have so many meds and products just to maintain. But, through it all I am grateful and it is here on this forum that when we compare our health events that I strangely feel a “connected normal”. We are who we are with this condition but most of all, we are FIERCE!

Calcinosis (the lumps) is completely unrelated to your calcium intake. You should not make any dietary changes to reduce calcium. This is particularly important if you also get acid reflux and take PPI medication as long term PPI use may result in a reduction in bone density.

Hi there, dietary calcium is completely unrelated to the process of calcinosis. It will not have any influence on how much calcinosis you have so please don't eliminate it from your diet. it is absolutely essential for good bone health and depending on what medications you are on osteoporosis is more likely to be a concern.Likewise collagen in creams has no influence on scleroderma. Changes to the production of collagen are related to your own immune system and cannot be influenced by collagen creams applied externally.

All my best

Lucy xx