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Raynauds attacks


Hi everyone. I have secondary raynauds due to systemic sclerosis and was wondering what constitutes an attack? I used to get complete and very obvious colour changes, however with better core warmth and nifipene the changes are more subtle but seem to last much longer. Instead if the very white fingers, my palms and top of the fingers go completely yellow (like jaundice) while the back of hands look normal. My finger nails go blue, white or purple. Would this still be considered an attack?

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I think so it sound's like you are having the attack but the nifedipine is preventing the blood vessels fully constricting, maintaining some blood flow. Hence the limited colour change.

Sylviaherring in reply to amd21

Thank you hun. I am meant to keep a diary but didn't know if it was considered an attack

amd21 in reply to Sylviaherring

I too have secondary raynauds from SSc I take 80mg Adalat LA and it has stopped the colour changes completely - if you are on a lower dose it may help to increase it provided you can tolerate it - only side effect i get is ankle oedema. Remember those colour changes are a sign of hypoperfusion which over time can cause damage.

Sylviaherring in reply to amd21

I only take 22.5mg and find the head aches and vertigo not too pleasant! They get better as the day goes on. I was only diagnosed in December so very very early stages for me

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