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Any advice please

Hi all hope all is well i am being told for two years that i have raynauds yet im still confused.All of my toes are icy cold all of the time unless i warm them in micro wave slippers my toes are of normal colour when im stood up still or walking yet soon as i sit down within minutes i watch them each slowly turning very dark purple and the base of my feet underneath also very dark purple yet soon as i stand up they go straight back to normal colour within seconds.I cannot find any answers does anyone else have this happen.

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Hello there, blood supply to the extremities constantly changes according to demand and muscle activity in the area. When you are up and walking the muscles in the legs are able to pump the blood in the large veins up and down the legs. When you are sitting this doesn't happen, which is why people wear compression stockings for poor circulation (or when in a plane) as it enhances this process, and also why it is advisable to move your feet and legs to keep blood flow going when you sit. When you are sitting you aren't using your feet so the circulation will be better in the area of the vital organs. Make sure you always keep your core body warm as then the circulation will improve to the periphery.

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Lucy x


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