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Scleroderma & Raynaud's UK (SRUK)
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Hello peeps hope your all having a good day . I know our days vary for all of us don't they . Well today as I love to cook cakes standing in the kitchen in between sitting too my feet were burning off again pain is awful . Also been having a lot of falling to one side when walking through the house anyone else suffer these thankyou . Some days you feel like a jigsaw puzzle wondering what piece goes next don't you peeps . Thankyou .

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My left foot is partially numb, and both feet burn all the time. Is this from my scleroderma? I work all day on my feet and have to put them up by the end of the day.


hi treesie duppydoo here . just read your post and yep my feet burn too just round my toes ouch they get so hot they need ice awful isnt it hun . and in the evening as i suffer from bad back l 4 l5 discs gone in my back when you put your feet up at night gosh the pain terrible just dont know where to put them do you and yes it is sclero thats causing it ask your rheaumy next time you see him ok . i hope your feeling a little better today keep in touch and let me know how its going . take care .

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