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Beurgers Syndrome

Just completed Lung and finger x-rays-No diseases in lungs but infection of 2-left digits are to the bone.  Now it is found that I have Beurgers syndrome.  New topical cream used for burns, and another antibioctic to rid the infection.  All of the questions and tears, sleepless nights, test after test given were valid, but not aimed at the right issue.  I am asking anyone who knows about this syndrome (spelling may be incorrect-sounds like Burger) to please inform myself and others so that we can all have more information now to seek relief and feel better.?  Next step is to try to re-shapen fingers once they have healed? Plastic surgery.  If anyone smokes anything that is causing you any type of syndrome please attempt to stop.  Blood flow can be compromised.

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I can't answer your question but about your fingers, exercise them as far as possible. The healing process takes a long time. Keep your pucker up. Best wishes.


Thank you for responding.  


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