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Hi everyone :)

I've gotten myself one of the winter bugs flying around - had it since Thursday night so it's a trier, my husband has it too so we're both feeling a bit sorry for ourselves.

My SSc has been super quiet lately but yesterday my hands swelled and last night I realised I've got a few painful canker sores on my gum - is this SSc related? Tom is back at work but I'm not feeling well enough - am I being a wuss?

I remember reading somewhere a virus can trigger SSc again as your immune response kicks in - I hope I'm not feeling the effects of that. Any thoughts? I was planning on forcing myself in to the office today but I'm feeling so awful I think it might make things worse. Stupid viruses!!

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Hello Bear!

How are you feeling today? I really believe any sort of infection seems to stimulate my immune system which then makes all my symptoms flare. I don't know what you did about work. It's easy to say just take the time off but I always feel pressure - not from my employers but myself - to try to get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Hope you're feeling a little better at least!


Hi all

Yes it's definitely virus time. Thankfully only get one big one per year and it's now! I agree, the immune system seems to go into overdrive so symptoms of virus and Ssc go a bit wild. Fatigue is the hardest bit plus the aches and pains. Rest is best if you can. My employer is sympathetic and luckily doesn't like bugs in the surgery (understandably - we are in healthcare) . Ssc is so challenging and if you live alone as I do it's tough being below par without help. I think the key is, don't exhaust yourself , you'll be keen enough to get back to it all and your body will tell you when it can. We all try to be normal (what's that?!) and keep on with our busy busy lives (good for the head too) but I think we heal faster if we can step back when the body is too tired.

All the best for a quick recovery.

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