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Chest x-ray

It's ages since I've posted on here but had a bit of a scare today. Feeling very tired and breathless so had appointment with GP. Sent me straight to hospital for chest X-ray and blood tests and was told to call for X-ray results in a week to ten days. I hadn't been home long when GP rang to say she'd been contacted by hospital because X-ray showed a shadow at the bottom of my left lung. Have been given high dose amoxycillin in case of infection and appointment back at GP on Monday morning. Also booked in for ECG next Wednesday.

Last lung function tests and ECG were OK about 10 months ago and not seeing rheumy until October.

My other half is very worried which has upset me because I don't tend to worry unless I'm told to!

Anyone else had something like this? Can it be simple infection or need I worry it's something more sinister?

Like everyone else on here I cope with the every day worsening of Raynaud's and Scleroderma problems and my thought is that I wouldn't have been given this prescription if GP thought it was something nasty.

Any ideas please? Just a chat would be a comfort :-)

Thanks for reading


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A shadow can be an infection I think if you start to feel better over the weekend you'll worry less? :) sometimes we get things that aren't related to ssc :) and they know about it and are taking it seriously so you're in the best possible care :) it's impossible not to worry but I hope it all comes out as fixed in a few days and you're relieved and feeling better again x


Thank you for replying.

I, who will not worry until necessary, have been awake most of the night with all sorts of pains! This is going to be a LONG weekend if my imagination is going to be so active :-(

Positive thoughts are the order of the day then when I'm told on Monday that it IS an infection I won't feel such a plonker. As I said in my first post - my logic says the GP wouldn't have given a prescription just to keep me happy. Would she?

There I go again :-)

Thanks Bear


Hi Gill, please don't get yourself too upset it sounds like the hospital and your GP are on the case. A chest infection would present as a shadow and honestly if they thought it was something else going on even a simple chest Xray would show it. See if the antibiotics start to do their thing over the next few days and wait and see what the ECG says. Step by by day... Take care of yourself and don't go on any alarming websites!!! All my best Lucy x


Thanks Lucy

I laughed at the 'alarming websites'. Awful aren't they? Enough to put the fear of God in anyone - but we all do it.

I think daylight helps - why is everything so much worse at night?

It's a very positive day today with no worrying.



I think! ;-)

Just going to order a new bathroom. That's positive for you. And I'm so chuffin tired I HAVE to sleep tonight!

Cheers, Gill


Well Gill, from a near death experience to deciding what type of bath you want to sink into...and lavvy you want to sit on! That's a new cure for anxiety on me :) You are right the middle of the night is not a good time to analyse any aspect of your life or health situation. The rational mind is asleep and the emotional mind is free to go mad...and drive you mad! ;) Keep laughing your helps to bring any muck up off your chest :)) Lx


Oh God I can't breathe for laughing! *snorts into cuppa *

Must get out of bed before it spills everywhere!

THANKyou x :-)

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Like you ive Raynauds and having breathing problems out of breath for nothing sometimes do a few things and have to sit down as get dizzy then just tired out afterwards.

Asked quacks about Scleroderma he was ranting about tests/going places etc etc

I did ask about getting referred to royal free clinic years back as told to do by Raynauds association he went on about bloods etc done this and that then tries to say done this and that and not found anything! then had to wind his neck back in as realised they did have blood tests for markers after all.Typical.

but how can you treat something if you don't know the cause/avenue to go up?

Keep giving me asthma pumps like sweeties! but nurse said it's not asthma when went back for checks! plus pump don't really do much anyway when use.

Reason i asked about it was that my food sits on chest quite often from day before plus have no appetite in morning till most of way through day my mouth/throat gets sore quite easily like if suck on straw it gets really sore for days.


It seems like you will have to push harder for more investigation if you are still concerned. I wait months for a rheumy appointment then see her for five minutes!

Luckily my GP is fantastic and always takes me seriously. She is the one who originally thought scleroderma and Raynaud's and has sent me for numerous tests. I don't have too much confidence in the hospital rheumy but will hang in there.

I have problems with food and everything working at a snail's pace - with the associated pain and discomfort. Every joint hurts and I am always tired.

No two people seem to have the same symptoms but its good to be able to voice concerns on here with those who are experiencing similar problems.

Hope you get something sorted soon.

Best wishes, Gill

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Hi ive lost my appetite most of the time can't eat till later in the day and things that are harder makes mouth sore/painful like crusty rolls but also now find going to toilet hard as can't get to go so it becomes not so soft then in the end it just say's need to go still very firm but uses i guess lining to just get rid of a slime round it but blocks toilet up as so much but very firm even though eat fruit etc and bits.

mind also find now bladders not always emptying either as went sitting down then went to get up and loads came out!


Today's update. Haven't got the full results back but it looks like an infection- phew!

More blood tests this morning, still feel ghastly but at least more cheerful.

Thanks everyone :-)


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