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Morphea and turmeric

Has anyone any experience of using turmeric? I have scleroderma on my legs and feet, very painful burning etc at night. Saw that turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and started to use it for my wrist, 2 x 400mg a day. I know this worked because I ran out of pills so stopped for 2 weeks, it flared up, and then started again and it calmed down. i thought it might be helping the morphea, so have gone onto 2 x 400mg twice a day. It seems to be as good as the steroid cream I was given. Cannot find any information about it!

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This may seem incredibly cynical but i am becomming increasingly of the opinion that the big pharmaceutical companies really have no interest in patient wellness. Despite all the claims of monies spent on research.

Its like this. There is more profit to be made from ongoing treatments and much less profit in providing solutions that may provide instant relief. So no studies are carried out to back up really effective solutions. And instead half effective solutions that can be patented become the order of the day.

To get well, in my opinion, comes from becomming a self advocate and doing lots of reading to find out what really works.


My mother has alzheimer's disease and I read that Turmeric helped the brain. Tried it for a while but found that it made my reflux worse so stopped it.


Hi Chris/Paleindian,

If you look it up (through your favourite search engine) you will find that there is a lot of interest in Turmeric and it's uses for a number of conditions/diseases.

I have seen it mentioned in a number of TV programmes, as well as on another Scleroderma community that I frequent on-line.

It is believed to have some strong anti-inflammatory properties, but it is only the part of the turmeric plant itself that is supposed to be responsible for this, if I remember correctly.

Overnighthearingloss - I concur with your feelings in regards to the pharmaceutical companies and their reluctance to look into more "economical" solutions to many of our modern day issues !!


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