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Baby with raynauds and this freezing weather,help please?

my 15 month old was diagnosed with raynauds a few months back.I'm slowly learning how to manage it then this sudden cold weather have hit and I'm back to square one.she wears layers to go out then a coat,hat scarf,gloves x2 pairs,3 blankets and a hot water bottle yet we when get indoors her temperature is still down to 34° how do I keep her warm?and what are the long term effects of not being warm enough and turning purple? She sees a rheumatologist the end of this month for the 1st time,what should I be asking? Any help is greatly appreciated x

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I was diagnosed with reynauds as a baby too... As far as I'm aware my mum used to buy thick ski wear for me (as I got older, I don't know if you can get it for a child so young!)

Sounds to me though like you are doing everything you can, just try and keep the house as warm as possible and mention it to the hospital when they see her... Maybe give her warm milk to hold while you're out?? I know it's probably hard because most babies that age would like to have an empty buggy so that's all I can suggest really.

Keep up the good work though, seems to me like you're doing everything you can for her!!


Hi there, What we did was snow suit and good boots. Ricosta are good. Also teddies that warm up in microwave. Try to keep warm things for nappy changes. You can get a baby wipe warmer.

Onesies are also good. Try to invest in a few good Ski quality hats, gloves etc from Jack Wolfskin (Trespass or Regatta). Anything from high street just not really warm enough. Not sure if you can get silk for that young but Dd is 9 and it snowed here yesterday. She wore Patra silk long sleeve top and long johns under her school uniform with fur lined boots, ski coat, hat and gloves. She was fine didn't need hand warmers.

It is all very expensive especially with heating bills so maybe buy second hand.

Long term it depends if there are underlying conditions. Dd doesn't but she has really only learnt to manage it herself in last couple of years.

Hope that helps.


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