I can't believe this weather so far this year. For the first time I can recall ever I have chilblains in May & they are agony :'(. I'm going through more Sudocrem than my two girls (for whom it was purchased) trying to get some relief. It doesn't help that I've just had to throw out my slippers as they developed a hole :(. Mum keeps telling me to visit Dr & I know she's probably right at this point as almost every toe is now a bright red/purple colour with these painful blisters but the thought of having to walk or drive to the surgery through the cold weather, I cringe just thinking about it:\. Oh well, time to bite the bullet & make an appointment.

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  • Yes, see the doctor and ask to be referred to a podiatrist. About your shoes and slippers, buy them so that they don't rub on your feet. I get mine from "Cosyfeet".

  • do you have raynaud's dis? i have had chilblains this yr and last yr and can commisserate with you . very painful for several months .. .. and it was only 48 degrees F outside!! my toes froze in only about 20 min ... the dr says 'dysautononomia' and possible raynauds .... should see a rheumatologist good luck

  • I had chilblains and yes they are agony. The only thing I could wear on my feet was snowboots or moonboots I think they are also called . They have a big thick sole which keeps your feet away from the cold. I think you must see a doc I am sure you will get some relief. Good luck.

  • Hi Springsong, I sypathise with you, chilblains are awful. You can get ointments from the chemist or ask your doctor to help. However, there are two things I can testify about as I have used them and they work. When I was twelve years old in the (60's) my mum told me to pass my own urine in a container and bathe my feet with it whilst still warm. This I did and the chilblains disappeared almost overnight. I have used this same treatment as an adult on more than one occasion and it really does work. No need to be alarmed, remember, urine straight from the bladder is sterile providing you don't have an infection. Use gloves and cotton wool balls to apply the urine if you wish but better to emerse and soak the feet in a bowl and let them dry on their own ( not towel dry)

    Another home remedy is the vinegar from a jar of pickled onions. I think it's the acetic acid that does it, also, onion juice is good. Get some antihistamine for the itching if necessary. You can buy over the counter od doctor can prescribe them, regular or non-drowsy. The regular taken at nights can also help you to get some sleep and freedom from the itching.

    Good luck!

  • I have something called snow fire that you can get in the chemist that works well. If they are so bad though you need to see the GP as there are tablets they can give you to help circulation

  • Hi Springsong. Do take care of your feet and take all the advice given from these experienced fellow suffers. I have found that If at anytime your chilblain starts to show any changes like starting to look as if the skin is breaking then go to see GP about antibiotic.This winter I had a chilblain ulcerate which led to a week of Iloprost. The ulcer responded well but my toe is unbelievably tender and still sore.I think it is because the temperature are still so low. The skin feels so raw. I am off to Liverpool to meet up with my sister from the states - a trip down memory lane as we spent our childhood there. It is unfortunate that my toe is still so sore and today I have put on a dressing, then moleskin, then secured it with plaster and it is still tender to walk on.. Any suggestion out there to help with the healing and any thought on a good dressing to protect it. I have tried those rolls of foam that you cut a piece off to the size of the toe but the inside rubs and make the toe more tender. I know I am asking for a miracle but I kept thinking the tenderness would just go . .

  • One recommended cream is Balmosa but should not be applied to broken chilblains. Try to catch them as they start to itch. Crazy is you say to get chilblains at this time of year? If you have Raynaud's then it worth speaking to your doctor about medication to improve your circulation. The RSA has a chilblain leaflet offering advice. Visit and click on publications.

  • I am the same I hate the winter like u my feet are black some days I cannot walk properly because of the pain I went to doctors he prescribed some cream which did help go to docs best thing to do

  • I was doing some research for our website and came across your comments. If your still suffering from Chilblains try Best Chilblains Treatment. Theres an online store and Facebook page with a successful treatment and plenty of recommendations, it includes a 100% money back guarantee. You can contact us on or go directly to the website. It has also helped one of our regular customers from England with her Reynaud's disease and Hypogammaglobulinanemia.

  • I'd like to share my story as I know the pain of chilblains! I have to wear heels to work Monday to Friday and I suffered chilblains on my toes to the point I could hardly walk! I was recommended the treatment from and I gave it a shot. I am so happy with the results!! I can finally walk again :) I hope this helps some people suffering chilblains. Good luck! Kelly.

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