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Queries - many!

Hiya just wondered if anyone else who has raynauds has anyone any off the following which I have:

Mild/allergy related asthma

Touch of Ibs

Touch of eczema

Hay fever / sinus problems

Stomach cramps


Or if they are unrelated to raynauds.

Also been on some nasal spray for my nose which is congested, tried to tell the quacks no. also no to decongestant.tablets cos the above mentioned nosebleeds and my raynauds but he kept saying that it would bs beneficial and basically not a problem, also read on here and Internet not to have decongestants if have raynauds, was he fobbing me off about the decongestants - help!

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Mild/allergy related asthma - Yes

Touch of Ibs - no, if you mean weight probs, but then I work hard to keep my weight the same and a bmi of 25

Touch of eczema - no

Hay fever / sinus problems - yes, all my life

Stomach cramps - yes

Nosebleeds. - no (although I did when I was younger)

Or if they are unrelated to raynauds. - I have also got vasovagal syncope, positive ana test, and positive capiliary test. I have always been told the syncope and the hayfever, etc mentioned above are unrelated to my raynauds.

I have not been allowed to use decongestants, so I just take cetrizine hay fever tablets and when I get congested use "Albas oil" on a tissue ...... and breathe in!!!!!


I have suffered from eczema as a baby I had it really really bad! I've grown out of it now but I get skin rashes instead which I think is psoriasis

I have suffered IBS but its doing ok now

I have horrendous sinus problems - constant running nose!!

Stomach cramps - again I used to but I'm fine now

Nosebleeds - never had a nose bleed in my life!

Hope that helps...?!???!



Oh and asthma I used to have that when I was a kid wink but in fine now also :D



I can tick most of your boxes (not boasting...) -

in december I upped my game with my diet and one of the changes which I made was to cut out bread / pasta / potatoes / dairy (replacing with soya milk). after a few weeks I noticed an improvement in less bloating, less mucus / sinus problems and not as much pain or acid in my stomach. I am going to ask to be checked out for coeliac disease at my next rheum appt.

I dont get the nosebleeds unless I have been on a vasodilator (Viagra / Iloprost), however Olbas Oil is more used as a perfume for me haha ;) x



In answer to your question- I have only had Raynauds diagnosed in the last few months but funnily enough in that period I have had two nose bleeds that just came completely out of the blue- (couldn't recall having one for years!) I do also have mild IBS, and if I drink wine now I notice I get a wheezy cough too- which I put down to sulphites??

I don't have eczema, stomach cramps or hayfever/sinus problems though.( I'm not currently on any meds for Raynauds- as symptoms not as bad now weather has warmed up a bit.)


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