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Has anyone tried weighted blankets?


I miss my sleep. My depression has me either unable to sleep or tossing and turning. I sleep best when being held. Would a weighted blanket be right for me? If so any recommendations would be appreciated.

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I would try to weighted blanket. What have you to lose? Let us know how you make out.

Miss_Aero in reply to Rlich

Thanks. Gonna see what Amazon has to offer.


A cheaper option could be to have a top sheet, and tuck it in. It feels really secure. Then you can have your usual bedding on top. Or see below for other options depending on what you need.

You can also put a long bolster, or some pillows lengthways, down one side, or both, to support you and this support helps you relax. The tucked-in sheet keeps it in place.

If, like me, you have to have a lot of strategically placed pillows (in my case due to widespread joints issues), the tucked-in top sheet has the added benefit of helping to keep them all in place, (not falling off the bed). If possible, use a sheet made for a bigger bed than yours, so it will accommodate these without coming loose.

For those who get night sweats:

If you get night sweats, don’t use synthetic bedding - go for wool-filled duvets/wool blankets, these wick away moisture and really improve your sleep. (For those that need wool, just to let you know that some brands like Fogarty use a polypropylene inner layer which defeats the object, so check and avoid these). Sheets: cotton, or bamboo (extra absorbent) or a mix, or linen.

(eBay is great for bedding, I have bought wool blankets, linen sheets and silk-filled pillows at really good prices).

The tucking in gives a sense of security, and a sense of weight. You can go the whole hog and also buy some wool blankets to tuck in over your top sheet.

Just try the top sheet first with your own bedding on top and see how you feel.

Hope you get some relief.

Miss_Aero in reply to Boombiddy

Thank you for your suggestion. I never would of thought of tucking in the sheet. I'm always cold so always use my fleece blanket over me than a sheet. However I will definitely gives this a try.

Boombiddy in reply to Miss_Aero

Hi, just tucking in your fleece blanket sounds fine, or having both tucked in. (It's only duvets I wouldn’t tuck in, as this would damage a duvet).

Hope it works for you. Let us know how you get on.

When I reach a point I'm too exhausted to function, I use a weighted blanket. Helps me stay asleep a little longer.

Temple Grandin (famous animal behaviourist (who happens to be autistic)) has a box she goes into when things get too overwhelming - maybe worth looking at the things people with autistic spectrum conditions use to help them when overloaded? Sensory sensitivities is likely the best term for issues such as use of weighted blankets.

Been known to put a camping mat in my corner bath, wrap in my favourite fleece blanket (not all fleece are created equal lol) and shut the door with some rain/water sounds (has to be what works for you on the sounds front though) - the room has no external windows. Then curl up in a place that has stuff between me & the world for however long it takes for stuff to be manageable again. BTW, I don't have light either.

marheart in reply to Daen

I cuddle a pillow while sleeping in the middle of a queen sized bed. It's comfy, so it must be working.

Or another option might be to get a mummy sleeping bag or use a mummy sleeping bag liner; the bags can be very lightweight for hot weather; the liner is considerably more affordable and easier to launder though - and it does mean you can keep using your normal bedding.

A mummy shape is a snugger fit than a plain rectangle which is why think this might give the sense of being held that helps you.

Argh; forgot to include this to show the difference in styles.. some liners don't have the pillow section btw - prntscr.com/om07om

Last time I asked, no one had anything good to say. Hopefully there are some helpful suggestions this time around for Miss_Aero and the rest of us.


I love my weighted blanket...makes me feel secure and safe. I have suffered trauma so I need this. I love it.

I just ordered one. I'm hoping it works!

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