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Shooting pain at right side middle of back

4 weeks back i had severe abdominal pain and back pain my GP said it is due to food infection, he gave my tablets for amoebic intestine infection. within 2 weeks my abdominal pain went off but i was having low grade fever tiredness and pain at the middle of back on right side. Now the pain has spread to other side of spine also. The pain is like burning feel which comes and goes. can you please help me i am depressed thinking it is cancer.

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I have only just found your note on here. To me it does not sound like the big 'C', it sounds more like a Rheumatism problem. I have spinal stenosis, 2 slipped discs and rheumatism all in my lower back.

I get burning sensations, a lumpy back and shadows across the area so I know how you feel. When it first kicked off I was not sure what it was, but thanks to some great doctors + my GP it has now all been confirmed as the above.

If you are still having problems go and see your GP. If you get nowhere with your GP, go to A&E with severe back pain and they will get to the bottom of it, but be prepared to sit around for hours on end while you are 'processed'.

So I would strongly recommend the GP route.

Good luck.