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Eyelid skin cancer

Hi over 2 years ago i went to my gp about my eye it was a tiny lump he said it was nothing then in june last year i went back about same problem but bigger and seen different gp he sent me to see a dermatologist and within days i seen him and he said it was skin cancer anyways i had my op just over a week and the surgeon had to remove my upper and lower eyelid and i had plastic surgery my eye doesn't look like an eye my daughter turned 11 yesterday and her friend got a shock i wanted to cry anyways my daughter is having a party today and i really dont want to go my hubby got me an eye patch it looks ridiculous so im just going to put an eye bandage on do you think that will be better i don't want her friends seeing my eye and i'm scared in case they call me and upsets her she is so lovely she even said if they do she will say well i'd rather have my mam than not bless x