The Australian Sjögren's Syndrome Association

For those of us on here from UK or who friends in UK

have had some excellent care and at times some not so good.

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I personally hate the culture of formal complaint in the NHS, whether a patient or a member of medical staff: Complain and a very expensive and money wasting formal investigation starts up... normally resulting in loss of care or compromised care, and for staff, often loss of career. This paper below, with petition attached, is a fairer and more cost effective way forward for both staff and patients.

The original Staffordshire whistleblower who lost her medical career exposing Staffordshire and sticking up for the public, alongside various colleagues.. is still sticking up for us.

This petition takes a minute to sign, then send you an email back, with live link to click on to make your signature live.

Please think of signing it and passing it on via your email contacts and forums, and also facebook or similar, every signature counts.

AND thanks. Mary F


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