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Hi I have been on Sulfasalazine for over 6 mths now and my symptoms have improved so much, most of my markers are normal except crp, why?

Why would my crp still be increasing any advise please on how to bring it down. What could be causing it to be so high

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Hi Jacqui - The primary reason is that the CR-P measures inflammation. From the Kaiser Permanente site "

A C-reactive protein (CRP) test is a blood test that measures the amount of a protein called C-reactive protein in your blood. C-reactive protein measures general levels of inflammation in your body.

High levels of CRP are caused by infections and many long-term diseases. But a CRP test cannot show where the inflammation is located or what is causing it. Other tests are needed to find the cause and location of the inflammation."

So, even though you may see no redness or swelling in your usual places, some of that is internal and wouldn't necessarily show externally. Hopefully that makes sense...