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Thick stringy saliva theory?

I would love to hear ideas about this , dry mouth ▶️ Thick saliva ▶️ Difficulty clearing throat = increased risk of throat / chest infection?? I know our white cell count may be low as well , but this has become an issue as well as being very annoying constantly having to clear my throat ! I haven't tried saliva thinner , does anyone have experience of this and have suggestions ? 😀

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Hi Weathervane,

I too have the stringy saliva thing going on from time to time. I find that stimulating the glands to help produce more saliva can help. I squeeze juice of whole lemon into a glass of water and drink that. Dry mouth sprays help too. I get mine from Boots ( UK). The dry throat, is a bit harder at times to deal with . I get this too. I avoid dry foods and eat a load of soups and soft foods. Olbas pastilles and useful for the catarrh . Mine has eased off a bit since starting hydroxy chloquine however. For a long time it felt like I had a lump in my throat. It was fully checked out and related to the dry throat etc. thankfully nothing worse.

I hope you get some respite from these symptoms .


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Hi chai , i did get improvement when started on hydroxy a year ago , but it has started to get worse lately . I haven't been to gp about , I did speak to the chemist and he suggested vocal aid pastilles as he thought it could be due to post nasel drip . I don't know if this is the cause and pastilles do help a bit . I think like yourself I should get it checked out as dry food is a bit of an issue as well . Its not the most serious symptom but it's annoying and i feel conscious it's annoying other people..


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